Airbnb Connection - Overview

ResOnline is one of the first trusted channel managers in Australia to seamlessly integrate live inventory and bookings to Airbnb. Eligible properties can apply to be listed on Airbnb via ResOnline, import and map all content, inventory and rates to new or existing listings in Airbnb.

Please note restrictions do apply: 

If you are a traditional accommodation provider such as a Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Serviced Apartment you are required to meet Airbnb's standards in order to apply. For more information please click here. Not all properties will be accepted and we strongly encourage properties to consider their fit before beginning the application process.


  • Save time with seamless integration

  • Easy to add new listings and manage your inventory on Airbnb

  • Maintain calendars, rates and listing details all in the one place

  • Avoid wasting time on following up enquiries for periods already booked out

  • drive more bookings by having up-to-date pricing and availability


  • Unique and loyal global audience and direct business

  • Less dependency on the big OTAs

  • Ability to dictate your own wording for room and hotel description

  • Competitive commission

  • Lower cancellation rate 

  • Higher guest engagement

  • No payment processing fees

  • No contract or commitment

Important things to know

These are the key differences between traditional OTAs and some set up limitations:

  • Listings structure: 1 listing per room type and per rate plan needs to be created/mapped

  • Host-centered: Airbnb guests select the place they want to book based on both the property features and the host profile. Your host profile is hence as important as your listings.

  • Personalisation and personality: on Airbnb, you have to write all descriptions and titles as none of it is automated. It is your chance to highlight what is unique about your property and differentiate yourself from the competition. The key is to be informal and personalised

  • Hospitality standards: Airbnb has high quality standards when it comes to guest experience (minimum quality bar of 4.6 stars after hosting 20 guests). Properties can be suspended if not meeting these standards.

Please click below to access the Airbnb Onboarding Guide.