Content & Connection

Which booking systems does Livn integrates?

Livn partners with major Tour & Activity booking systems including:

  • Respax
  • Booking Boss
  • CustomLinc (JRS)
  • Bookeo
  • FareHarbor
  • TourCMS
  • ProCharter
  • Whytewaters (RTBS)

What the operator needs to do within their booking system to get connected via Livn?

Tour Operators will need to set up each Booking Centre within their booking system as a booking agent/distributor. Livn will liaise with the operator and booking system directly to establish the connection. More information here.

What data does Livn import?

Pending Livn has the relevant data, Bookeasy’s connection to Livn will import:

  • The operator’s list of tours, by importing the tours provided by Livn and creating them in the operator’s beTours console.  This is inclusive of tour details, description, rate types, rate values, availability, occurrences, etc.
  • The online booking status of an operator, set as Gold Medal (instantly bookable).

Please Note: Depending on the booking system, Livn may import very limited content (ie. no images, one line descriptions). Operators can upload images and descriptions directly in Bookeasy in these cases.

Does Bookeasy update product descriptions and images if the operator update these fields in their booking system?
No. Tours descriptions and Tour images are not automatically updated after the first mapping has been done. If the operator change these fields in their booking system, this needs to be done in Bookeasy directly also.

Are Booking Questions available via Livn connection?

The Livn connection provides Pick Up information and Pax Details, when available, which are imported as booking questions in Bookeasy. Pax Details includes:

  • DOB
  • Address
  • Country
  • Name
  • Language
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Nationality
  • Passport

Operators can set these fields as ‘not required’, required ‘once’ or required for ‘all’ guests in their Booking System. Depending on their choice, mandatory booking questions are created in Bookeasy and are required to be completed (more details in the next question).
Note 1: Livn does not currently provides optional booking questions, such as dietary/special requirements, etc.
Note 2: Some booking systems do not provide Pick Up information, such as Bookeo, Booking Boss and Procharter.
Note 3: FareHarbor booking system does not provide pick up time.

Why do I need to ensure that a Livn connected Operator’s “required” booking form fields are filled out in Bookeasy?

Livn’s system tells Bookeasy what fields are “required” at the time of booking.  These fields are generally the guest’s first name, surname, valid email and telephone number.
We strongly recommend to have these fields set to mandatory in the Bookeasy console and/or ensure staff are aware these fields are required for Livn bookings.
Why is this important?
If a booking is attempted and data is not supplied of one of these fields, or is supplied in an incorrect format, then an error will occur.

Can any Tour Operator, using a compatible booking system, be integrated via Livn?

Each integration is unique and due to the nature of this integration and depending on the complexity of the Operator’s setup, Livn might be unable to integrate specific products and/or rate types.

  • Livn in unable to import discounted rate types such as Concession and Family rates (i.e. 2A & 2C) within the one Product. These pricing options might be able to be imported as an additional product (ie. One day Tour - concession price)
  • Operators that have highly customised rate combinations, depending on the complexity of their rate setup, might not be able to be integrated. (i.e. special group rates)

Can an Operator connected via Livn offer ‘on request’ products?

No, Operators connected via Livn can only have gold medal (instant confirmation) products. Anything imported via Livn is treated as gold medal.

If the Operator offers ‘on request’ product, we highly recommend to not link these products as they will be imported as gold medal.
If the Operator and the VIC would still like to offer ‘on request’ products, a brand new console needs to be created for on request only (not linked to Livn).
Note: You can’t add products in Bookeasy in a Livn connected console. All products are imported via Livn.

When an Operator creates and share a brand new product via their booking system, is there anything we need to do to import this across to Bookeasy?

Yes, this is not automatically imported to Bookeasy. This is how the process works:

1. Operators will need to ensure this is available to the Booking Centre via their booking system & Livn.

2. Centres will need to contact Bookeasy Support to get the new product imported.

3. If not yet available in Bookeasy, Bookeasy needs to get Livn to import the new product(s). Please note: Livn imports new products once a month. If a product is needed sooner, Bookeasy needs to ask Livn for a manual import.

4. If the product is available, Bookeasy can then import.

The Operator has a few different consoles in Bookeasy but only one account within their booking system, how they can be mapped?
One account can only be linked and mapped to one Bookeasy Tours console.

Can we have any issues if we change the Bookeasy Password for a Livn connected Operator?

No, the password is not linked to this connection.


How does the availability work for Livn connected operators?

Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding Livn’s supplied interface, when viewing Region search results and Tour product search results it should be noted that a tour’s rates and availability is cached and updated once a day.
Every time a tour’s specific product is added to the shopping cart, Livn’s interface allows Bookeasy to retrieve the most up to date cost and availability, inclusive of any fees the tour operator has included with their tour product. At that point if the product is unavailable, Bookeasy will provide the message that is not available.

How long does Bookeasy’s integration with Livn update an operator’s availability for?

By default, a Livn supplied tour operator’s availability calendar is updated for the next 90 days. This also means that if a tour is only available further than 90 days out, the “Next available date” will display as “N/A”.
The availability window can be extended to 365 days if the Destination requires (seasonal Destinations). Please contact Bookeasy Support to request.

Amendments & Cancellations

Can I amend/change Livn bookings?

Due to certain restrictions and limitations regarding the partner supplier interface, Booking Centres are not able to amend Livn bookings. If a centre is required to amend a Livn booking, they need to cancel the original booking and make a brand new booking with the amended details.

Note: Certain booking systems, such as Booking Boss, don’t provide an ability to automatically cancel bookings from Bookeasy. Operators using these booking systems should be aware of this information and the need to cancel bookings manually.