Bookeasy has developed a platform that provides Booking Centres access to bookable product via 3rd party suppliers, such as tour operators using 3rd party tour management systems.

The Livn Group bridges the gap between distributors and tour suppliers by providing end-to-end dynamic solutions that improve the sales and booking process. Livn connects directly with tour operator reservations systems, whereby they access and integrate their real time product availability and rates into one digital network. This product is then shared to distributors such as Bookeasy so bookings can be searched and booked in real time via Tourism Centres and their destination websites.

Bookeasy’s connection to the Livn Group provides a means for destinations to seamlessly connect to a variety of booking systems and integrate tour and activity product with real-time rates and availability. This will result in a streamlined booking experience for not only the visitor, but booking centre staff, Tour and Activity Operators, and destination websites.

The booking process for staff and Destination website visitors will remain unchanged.  Staff can simply book the operator via the Tour Search page in the Bookeasy Staff Console as normal.  Destination website visitors will book tour product via the established booking method.

Which booking systems does Livn integrates?

  • Respax
  • Booking Boss
  • CustomLinc (JRS)
  • Bookeo
  • FareHarbor
  • TourCMS
  • ProCharter
  • Whytewaters (RTBS)