If you're new or already listed on HomeAway Realtime you need to make sure you have the minimum content requirements loaded In ResOnline in order to proceed with the mapping.

Minimum Content Requirements:

In order to be accepted for this connection you need to ensure you have met the minimum content requirements as outlined below for each of your listings:

  • Property Name & Headline – min 20+ characters

  • Address - address, city, postal code, country

  • Geo Latitude & Longitude - The Region (chosen based on the longitude and latitude provided)

  • Property & unique room descriptions – min 400+ characters

  • Images – At least 6 images in JPEG format, min 1920 x 1080 - recommended 3840 x 2160 px

  • Property & Room features  – min 5+ amenities 

  • Bedrooms & Bathrooms - at least one of each must be specified

  • Inventory – At least 12 months of availability data with >30% bookable nights

  • Cancellation Policy - please select an HomeAway cancellation policy during mapping in ResOnline Distribution

  • Registration Number – The Registration Number must be specified to HomeAway; if the property's jurisdiction requires registration.

Content Channel Overrides :

You will also be able to apply channel overrides specifically for content for HomeAway in ResOnline.

Please click here for detailed information about the Content Channel Overrides for each individual listings.

Please ensure that you have minimum content entered into all your listings that are in ResOnline prior to activating your properties for HomeAway.

When you believe that you have met HomeAway compliance for the minimum content requirements, please contact support@resonline.com