Due to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Resonline are unable to store guest's credit card details 7 days from the guest's original check out date in compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards).

The objective of the PCI compliance is to provide the highest security standards when having access to and processing customer payments and data. All businesses, (irrespective of their size), are required to comply with the standards set by the PCI when accepting and processing guest/customer credit cards.

Benefits of being PCI compliant ensures;

The business' reputation is upheld and liability is reduced as customers engage in trusting them with accessing and handling their credit card information.

Business' reputation remains in high regard with the banks and credit card companies and represents as low risk due to setting compliance standards.

An ongoing commitment is set in place by the business to enhance guests/customers purchases of goods or services by having a genuine desire to protect their data and preventing security breaches.

Should a business not remain complaint and even a single security breach is created by an unauthorised access to their guest's data, this could result in a loss of trust and a loss of potential future business revenue due to the business' reputation being damaged.

Resonline are continually committed to complying with PCI standards and will continue to remain vigilant when handling not only our valued business clients credit data but guests data as well.

Thank you for your time and all the best.