Resonline has a mobile responsive site version for Mobile Platforms.

However, should you require the Full Desktop Version please follow the below steps:

iPhone (iPhone 6S tested)

The icon to which is referred to is in the black menu at the bottom of the screen (on the actual phone platform not the site display page). We have provided the steps below to further assist:

1. Access Browser (we used safari or chrome)

2. Enter website link

3. In the black menu bar at the bottom of screen - select box icon with up arrow

4. Scroll to the left on the bottom menu

5 Select Request Desktop Site (next to Find on Page icon)

Then -

Suggestion - Use platform in landscape (on it's side as opposed to up right)

Andriod (Galaxy 5 tested)

Please follow the below steps for Andriod:

1. Access browser (we used Chrome but it works the same on Firefox

2. Search for Resonline Login page

3. Login

4. Go to the 3 dot menu button in the top right hand corner

5. Select from the menu - you may need to scroll down - Request Desktop site

6. You will be better off using the platform on it's side in landscape then upright for this site.

We hope this assists you.