Resonline launches Length of Stay Pricing (LOS) for Airbnb

We are pleased to advise that length of stay (LOS) pricing is now available for Airbnb through ResOnline

LOS pricing re the need to set length of stay discounting rules directly in Airbnb, and instead allows you to push pricing based on a length of stay from ResOnline to Airbnb via the two-way sync

The big advantage is that ALL RATE PLANS in ResOnline can now be synchronized with Airbnb. No need anymore to indicate the weekly and monthly discount in the Airbnb directly, we take exactly what you have in the rates tab of your listing.


  • Promote longer stays
  • Guarantee revenue regardless of the number of nights booked
  • Appear in more searches
  • Provide multiple rate pricing to Airbnb

How to activate LOS for Airbnb in ResOnline?