With the new HomeAway two way connection, it is the stipulation from HomeAway that you must have a minimum of five (5) listings with this two- way API connection due to the setup involved in this connection. We will further raise your concern with the HomeAway integration team.

However, if you desire to use the Airbnb iCal link for other channels like HomeAway, you can activate the Airbnb Ical within Resonline and then apply the Ical link in the HomeAway platform. Ical links will keep your calendar updated, and the channel will make a call on the Ical link to refresh availability every 2-3 hrs. We do not recommend using Ical if you are on "instant book" with these channels.  Request booking is fine. Please keep in mind that has not been developed with this functionality for other channel platforms. 

Please note: This is a one way connection for Availability and Stop Sells only

Bookings from ICal would need to be manually processed into your Resonline account or connected Property Management System.  We do not recommend Instant Booking functionality when updating via i-cal. 


Using Airbnb's iCal importing feature, you can automatically keep your Homeaway iCal calendar up to date with ResOnline. 

ResOnline will update your iCal calendar for 365 days, only Availability and Stop Sells will be synced. Please note: rates or minimum nights are not synced or updated via the iCal connection.

The below steps

1, In your ResOnline account, ensure that the Airbnb Ical in  ResOnline distribution is activated and rate plans are ticked on prior to activating on HomeAway: 
2. In the HomeAway platform>> Calendars>> Reservations - Above the calendar(import) >> Delete any preloaded calendars completely.
3. Under HomeAway platform>> Calendars>> Reservations - Above the calendar(import) - by copy the exact Ical link from ResOnline:
4. Check that the calendar loads correctly internally on the HomeAway platform.

ResOnline is unable to support if troubleshooting is required. Clients that utalise the Airbnb ical link for other channel do so at their own risk. In stating this, it is just an Ical link and we have multiple clients utilising these link for HomeAway without concerns.