ResOnline has recently connected to the Booking.com Opportunity Centre, which means it’s easier than ever to tweak your property’s performance. Through our preferred partnership with Booking.com, we continue to improve the connection and usability between ResOnline and Booking.com. The latest release is the integration of Booking.com's Opportunity Centre into the ResOnline under Home section, Daily Management. The Opportunities button was implemented to help your property perform even better on Booking.com.


Data-driven suggestions. Booking.com's system scans each profile and suggests actions based on algorithms.

Better overall performance. All actions impact your conversion, cancellations or ranking on Booking.com.

New insights. Booking.com identifies opportunities that you might not have considered.

Time saved. You can action tips straight from the ResOnline channel manager.


Booking.com's system analyses your property profile, highlights, improvement areas and suggests actionable solutions, or ‘Opportunities’ – all of which are aimed

at boosting performance. 

The opportunities listed are pulled from your Booking.com extranet and will be specific for your property.  They could range from updating content and images, through to suggestion of creating a new special.

As the name suggests, these are opportunities that Booking.com has identified to increase bookings for your property.

When you click on an opportunity, it will take you through to the Booking.com extranet to action the item (you will be required to login).

Keep in mind that when you action an opportunity with Booking.com, it may require mapping through ResOnline, and this will not happen automatically.

Sample Opportunities:

It is now very easy to set and sync ResOnline Specials to Booking.com!

We highly recommend setting them up directly in your ResOnline console to help you increase reservations, gives you more visibility in Booking.com, attract specific customers while giving you full control over discounts.

Click Here to find out how!

Still need help?

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