How does it work?

You may connect if you have less than 5 listings on VRBO real-time connection via ResOnline in Australia/APAC region and also internationally including the European region.

Properties will be able to import and map all content, inventory, and rates to new or existing listings in VRBO via ResOnline Distribution.  By connecting to VRBO via ResOnline, it’s even easier to add new listings and manage your inventory on VRBO. Save time by maintaining content, calendars, rates, and listing details all in one place.

Once connected, your content, pricing, and availability will update on VRBO connection daily with instant book. Avoid wasting time on following up inquiries for periods already booked out and drive more bookings by having up-to-date pricing and availability.

What properties can list on VRBO?

Private self-contained holiday homes, cottages, and apartments can list on VRBO. 

Can I list my hotel on VRBO?

VRBO is looking for properties/listings/rooms that offer a personalised guest experience and self-contained accommodation preferably with a kitchen; such as highly-rated boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, and serviced apartments. These should have unique design characteristics which sets the property apart from others. Please click here for more details on VRBO standards.
If you believe your property is a good fit, the first step is to apply via email to and make sure to mention ResOnline is your Channel Manager. Also, add any additional information that could strengthen your application.

Ready to connect with VRBO?

The below slides provide a guide to help you understand, set up and manage the VRBO real-time connection.