I'm already listed with HomeAway, do I still need to load the minimum content in ResOnline in order to connect?

Yes, you are required to load the minimum content in your ResOnline console in order to connect. To check your HomeAway compliance for the minimum content requirements , please click on ResOnline Distribution > Edit/ add listing (new listings ) or under HomeAway compliance tab (existing connections)

Can I just import rates and availability from ResOnline to my HomeAway listings?

No,  HomeAway takes all content, inventory and pricing from ResOnline. For more information click here.

Note: After you are integrated, ResOnline becomes the system of record for rates, calendars, listing content, and photos. Any listing content entered on the HomeAway dashboard will be overwritten by the feed.

Can I use iCal and HomeAway real time on the same account?

Yes, you can use both HomeAway iCal and HomeAway real time in the same Host account, however they need to be used in separate listings. Once you have switched a listing to HomeAway real time, your iCal connection will be automatically removed . 

If you wish to go back to iCal you need to disable the real time connection first and enable the iCal connection.


How are booking handled on HomeAway real time?

HomeAway is currently two way connection. All HomeAway bookings with be instantly bookable via the ResOnline connection. Payment needs to be taken via the property, as per their booking policies at the time of booking. Cancellations need to be directly handled by the property. For further details on HomeAway Bookings & Cancellation process please refer to the Connection Guide.

If you receive and booking enquiries,  you receive by travellers should be managed manually following your current process.

Once your integration is live and you have an integration support question please contact HomeAway Integration support team

I have less than 5 listings, can I connect?

Yes, you may connect provided that you have approval from the Homeaway team and you are from Australia/APAC region. The less than 5 listings exception does not apply to the European region.