Airbnb allows for a Host to choose from 5 different cancellation policies. In the Distribution section of ResOnline a default cancellation policy can be set. Click here to see further details on the Airbnb cancellation policies

Airbnb cancellation policy channel overrides

We are pleased to announce that as of Nov 2018, there is a function that allows for a Channel Override for to set a different cancellation policy on specific listing that differs from the Host cancellation Policy. This will let you override the default cancellation policy and allow you to choose a specific policy for a certain room type. Currently this is only available for Airbnb, we are looking at expanding this feature in future


1. Navigate to Home -> Rooms & Rates
2. Select the Room Type that is/will be merged to Airbnb (if you have more than one listing then you will need to follow the subsequent steps for each listing).
3. Select the cancellation policy that you would like to assign to this listing. (Please note: If a cancellation policy has not been set in Rooms & Rates then the default cancellation policy will be in effect)