Facebook Book Now App

Adding booking functionality to your facebook page with ResOnline. You do not need to have a website to use the Facebook Book Now App. This will link to Resonline's internal Standalone Booking link, and booking will be processed directly from your Facebook page to your ResOnline account once loaded.

.Log in to facebook – go to www.facebook.com and enter your log on details. If you need to create a facebook account you can do so on this page also.



On your business facebook page under your business header image, right click in the "Sign Up" box to get the drop down field. Select "Edit Button" in the  drop down.


Step 1. Which button do you want people to see ?

A list of  options will appear in a drop down box. Select “Make a booking with you” from this drop down menu. The Select "Book Now" from the Expandable field then next at the bottom of the popup screen then Next.


Step 2. Where would you like this button to send people ?

Click on  “Link to Website” from this drop down menu. The Select "Edit" at the top right hand corner of the popup screen.


Step 2(a).  Login to your ResOnline Account:

You will then need to login to you ResOnline account and click on the ResOnline Booking Page icon. You will then need to copy (CTRL C) the blue ResOnline Standalone Booking link.

ie: http://book.resonline.com.au/make-booking?ap=XXXXX <add your Resonline Id Here>

Step 2(b). In the Facebook popup screen - "Link to your Website"

Drop (Ctrl V) the copied  ResOnline Standalone Booking link that you have copied from point 2A into the  “Link to Website” field. Then Save


Step 3. Preview 

You will now see your configured ResOnline Standalone Booking link in the Add your button to your Page popup window. If you are happy with this link - Select Finish  

Step 4. Facebook Book Now 

On your business facebook page under your business header image on the right hand side, you will now see your "Book Now" Button

Facebook Promotions


Note: You can enter a promotion code if you have set up a promotion in your ResOnline Account. This will unlock specific promotion for all Facebook guests.
In the example provided "Facebook Friend" promotion code will be automatically entered into the Promo code field  unlocking this offer.
For more information about setting up promotions please see the help topic on Promotions

 Your app will now load your rooms and rates. This is the button that guests will see when they click to book on your facebook page. You can now receive bookings through your ResOnline on facebook!