From the Home menu, click "Questions"


The booking questions feature allows you to add particular questions to your website that guests will answer during their booking process.



1 – Question Types

The booking questions module provides a lot of flexibility. You can ask….

•A Yes / No question. Example, “Would you like a non smoking room”

•A Text question. Example “Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements” Your guests can enter, in a text box, their specific requirements

•A Multiple Choice question. Example, “How did you hear about us” and then provide a choice of answers such as “Newspaper” “Google” “Friend” etc.

•You can also enter an alert only. This is where you would like to add specific information to for the guest. Example, “Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and an towel”



2 – Is the question compulsory

Once you have created your question you can choose if it is compulsory that the guest answers.


3 – Is the question for a specific room

You can also ask specific questions for a room type. For example, if you have a room that has a king zip bed in it, you can ask if the guest would like a king bed or two single beds.



Booking questions will appear on the page where the Guest is asked for their details.