- No Show


You can mark bookings as a no show, so that will know not to charge the property commission for the booking.


Inside the Resonline booking page, it will only show up for bookings, as they are the only OTA currently that can receive these notifications.

How to use it

  1. Open up a booking inside Resonline Channel manager (

  2. Click on the Show the ‘No-Show’ Area link next to the “Confirmed” status.

  3. This will open up the No Show area.

  4. There are two modes

    1. Only this booking is a no-show

    2. Or, The entire party is a no-show - (this one is for multi bookings, and it only shows up for bookings where there is more than one room booked, otherwise its invisible).
      If you click this link, the other bookings will be shown.

  5. Click on the Radio box which marks what you want to do, either just this booking, or the entire party.

  6. Once you have done so, click on the appropriate “Yes Button”

  7. A message will be sent to our servers to queue a notification for

  8. The message will not be sent straight away to, but will be done in the background.

  9. To see the results, refresh the page by pressing F5 a few times until you get the processing results, which will be shown below in the same “No Show” area which will be expanded by default if a no-show has been sent for this booking.

  10. Once the No-Show is accepted, the booking(s) will be cancelled and the availability in the future will be restored.

Possible Errors or Failures

Not able to cancel booking later than 2 days after the check in.

It’s too late to mark this booking as a no-show, has already completed processing and can’t accept the no-show.

Not able to cancel overbooked.

I am not really sure what this means, Chris from might be able to clear up extra details if anybody ever receives this.

Not able to cancel unmodifiable booking.

I suppose there are some bookings on the side where they say it cannot be modified, so if they get this Resonline will not try again.  Perhaps Chris from might be able to help out with more information if somebody gets this