- Request a new Credit Card

Why ? has the ability to ask the guest to supply a new credit card if the property is unable to charge the card.  So, rather than having to phone the guest or email them, the property can use this new facility to have the various systems ( app, email, sms etc) performed by’s systems to try to get a replacement credit card from the guest.


Inside the Resonline booking page, it will only show up for bookings, as they are the only OTA currently that can receive these notifications.

How to use it

  1. Open up a booking inside Resonline Channel manager (

  2. Click on the “Request a replacement Credit Card” link

  3. A message will be sent to our servers to queue a notification for

  4. The message will not be sent straight away to, but will be done in the background.

  5. To see the results, refresh the page by pressing F5 a few times until you get the processing results, which will be shown next to the Credit card hash which didn’t work in the past.

  6. Once a new Credit card is entered, a modification will be sent to resonline and the new card will be stored into the secure payment vault.

  7. sends emails to properties and guests on the progress of the new credit card requests.

  8. A list of previous credit card hashes will display in this area if there have been multiple replacement credit cards received from the guest.  Only the last one can have a new “replace credit card” request made.

  9. Finally, if all else fails and a new card is still not received, then the property will have to try to get the card themselves.

Possible Errors or Failures

Card is already marked as invalid

Somehow, our servers have sent the request twice to  This isn’t intended behaviour, but it won’t cause any errors and a new card request has still been sent to the guest.

You cannot mark credit card as invalid since it is not required

Somehow, a booking has been received with a credit card on it, and the request to get a new credit card is being rejected by because they say that the booking doesn’t need a credit card.  If the Property still wants a card, they should contact and have their property setup adjusted to require credit cards, and for this booking they will have to contact the guest to get a credit card.