If you're new or already listed on Airbnb you need to make sure you have the minimum content requirements loaded In ResOnline in order to proceed with the mapping.

To check your Airbnb compliance for the minimum content requirements, please click on ResOnline Distribution > Airbnb compliance tab

Minimum Content Requirements:

  • Headline: min 8+ characters
  • Address: address, city, postal code, country
  • Property & unique room descriptions – min 50+ characters
  • Images – At least 7 images in JPEG format, recommended 4200 x 2700 px @300dpi
  • Property & Room features  – min 5+ amenities
  • Inventory – min 30+ days of availability over a 12 month period
  • Cancellation Policy - Please select an Airbnb cancellation policy during mapping in ResOnline Distribution

The below slides provide an overview of all the content requirements.