Please find below the steps to fix the Rates and min nights for the upcoming dates in your calendar.

Resonline (online Distribution) setup - 

Year Round Default setup -

  • Hover over Online Distribution (orange button on toolbar in Room Manager) and Select Rooms and Rates
  • The blue dots are room types and yellow dots are the rate types
  • Select the Rate type and down towards the bottom of the screen you will see Year Round Defaults setting
  • Enter your Default rates and min night restrictions (the small blue buttons will copy MON results across the other days)
  • Change the  These Defaults roll in at XX months in advance to 24 months
  • Save Changes and repeat for all rate plans.

This will activate on the new date that appears in the calendar overnight but not the pre-published dates - these will need to manually updated.

Yearly Details setup for pre-published dates-

  • Go to Yearly deals in Resonline/Online Distribution
  • Select rate plan
  • Select Rates tab
  • Highlight all dates with blank values (or all dates you wish to change) *** As long as you stay in Yealy Deals this highlight will follow you through tabs and rate plans ***
  • Go to top right hand corner and enter new rate in Change Rate to box
  • Then go to Min Nights tab and change the min night restriction
  • Repeat until ALL rate plans have been updated.

Room Manager setup - 

  • Now go back to Room Manager Click hover over Setup in Grey toolbar and select Rooms and Rates
  • Select Edit Daily rates on each room type
  • Click on one of the rate boxes in the first rate plan
  • The rate pop up box with appear - you can change the date range here (it is recommended that you have rates as far out as 3 years - Resonline requires at least 720 days at any given time)Follow the selections through - in regards to rate you can make it the Rack Rate or default that far out (it can be changed when the dates get closer).

  • Once the above is complete - it should be good to go!

Please let us know if we can assist further - or if you just want a check on what has been completed.