Channel Override

A channel Override is a function that allows you to apply a change of rates or stop sell for a particular channel/website for a particular range of dates.

1. Access Yearly Deals in Resonline

2. Select Rate plan in first drop-down box

3. Select the Channel ie Bookeasy or in the 2nd drop down - you will know when you are in the correct area - your options will change to just Rates and Stop sell

4. Select the Rates or Stop sell tab

5. Highlight dates required

6. either Enter new rates or turn on/off stop sellĀ 

7. Click save changes

You will know when it has been completed correctly as it will appear in the Channel Override tab.

Once complete it is always a good idea to go into Distribution -- Select the Channel and click fetch rooms (this will send a quick update with your changes to the channel affected). Then save changes.