Please find the below steps (with screenshots) of set up of the new separate rate plan for Your Website and the daily/weekly management steps for this rate plan.

Firstly, you will need to set up the new rate plan in Resonline. Note: this rate plan will need to be set up on Resonline and will not be connected to Bookeasy in any way. Management of this rate will need to be done directly in Resonline.

Rooms and Rates setup:

  • First - login to the Property's Resonline console - I have included a most recent property spreadsheet with the individual property login credentials for Resonline - access via the following link
  • Go to Rooms and Rates from the homepage
  • Click Copy on the Standard rate plan ***Yellow dots are the rate plans - blue dots are the room types *** Click here
  • Change the name of the rate plan in the name field (we suggest something that will jump out at you yet work on the gadget as a customer views it. It should be the same across the board on all properties.
  • Enter all other details of the rate - Including the Year Round Defaults and Last minute defaults (optional). 

Year Round defaults must be set - however, even this can be broken down to different rates and different min stay - please remember this function ONLY actions on the 'new' date appearing in the calendar. Ensure that the Year Round default is set to 24 months. 

Pre-published dates will still require manual updating. The defaults can have different rates and different min night restrictions on weekdays as opposed to weekends. Click here for example.

  • Once the above has been setup - Save Changes. This button is located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • At this stage, this rate plan is now sharing the same availability as all other rate plans under the one room type.

Yearly Deals

  • Go to Yearly deals and while on the Single Rate Plan Update tab - select the new rate plan
  • Click on the Rates tab.

The operator will need to enter in the first 720 days manually into the 'New' calendar. There is a quick way to get this the same as the Year Round Default setup

  • Highlight the entire 720-day calendar and ensure you are on the Rates tab
  • go to the Change Rate box at the upper right-hand corner and enter a basic rate - $150 for example. Click Save. Click here for example 
  • While the current highlight is still on - go to the Min Nights tab and change the min nights to 2 for example (this area will default to one if the rates are not entered into the dates
  • Once this is complete. Use the Clear button to clear the highlight and begin changing the rates for higher dates ie Easter, Christmas/NYE long weekends and such. **** As you change one section - ensure to check and change the min nights for that section while it is highlighted. This highlighted section will remain until you use the Clear button for leave Yearly deals.

Please see a couple of examples below:

Christmas/ New Year and Easter - 5-night min at $200 per night - Click Here for rates - Click here for min nights

Long weekends - 2-night min at $180 per night - Click Here for rates - Click here for min nights

Friday and Saturdays - - Click Here for rates - Click here for min nights

In the 3rd example, the Selectable days feature is shown. For example - For Saturday only changes - untick all days except Sat and highlight as normal - the blue highlight will only highlight the chosen day of the week. After this, you can un-highlight various dates by clicking on them again


Once all changes have been made to the rate plan - go to Distribution and Select the Your Website connection. This connection is what is known as a direct connection. There are tick boxes to rate plans direct from the Rooms and Rates section.

At this time ensure that only the new plan is ticked on as this will be the only one shown on the gadget.

Rooms and rates - Click here to see example

Gadget - Click here to see example

Unless you give this rate plan to the channel accounts for mapped connections (where there are the drop down boxes) this rate plan will not have a corresponding package to be mapped to.

Examples of Direct Connecting channels are - Your Website (the booking gadget attached to your website), Aura Travel and Roamfree. However, this new rate plan can also be used for Channels that accept only 1 rate plan like Trip Advisor Vacation Rentals (form. Flipkey), AirBNB (through an iCal link) and Stayz (at present).

Daily and Weekly Management

Please note this rate plan will not be in Bookeasy - therefore, it will need to be completely managed in Resonline.

This can be done by using the above steps to make changes when need. To push quick changes through go to the connection in Distribution after making the change and tick the rate plan off then after a couple of minutes tick it on again.

Continue to refresh the webpage on the website by using the refresh buttons - (shift + F5).

Please do not hesitate to contact support directly should you have any questions.