Please find instructions below:

Applying stop sells on the 1-night rate plan to allow only 2 night min stay

  1. Go to Yearly Deals 
  2. Select the 1 night rate plan for room type
  3. Click Stop sell tab
  4. highlight the dates you wish to stop sell for 1-night stays
  5. Turn stop sell on by click the ON circle
  6. Save

Repeat for each room type - as long as you stay in the Yearly deals section the highlight will stay on your current selection so there is no reason to highlight the dates again.

Applying a Rate change on the 2 night rate plan for same dates

  1. Go to Yearly Deals (or just stay here to protect the highlighted selection)
  2. Select the 2 night rate plan for room type
  3. Click on the Rates tab
  4. Highlight the dates you wish to apply the change (this should already have been brought across)
  5. Change rate in the box on the right-hand side
  6. Save

TIP: When highlighting date period - click on the first and last dates then click and drag for the dates in between. You can also click on the days of the week at the top of the calendar and the months on the left of the calendar.

You can also tick and untick the selectable days so that only the selected days are highlighted in a chosen section.