The best way is the following - Setup a bulk update of 10% off in June (on the three night min plan) and then a Special of additional 5% for your Website booking Button.

First - You will need to setup a new rate plan for each room Type. (I have setup an example - you can delete this if you wish from Rooms and Rates)

  1. Go to Rooms and Rates from Resonline Home Page
  2. Once there you will see Blue dots and yellow dots on left hand side - Click on the yellow dot for Rate Plan and click copy
  3. Rename this new rate plan 3 night min
  4. Go down half way of the screen and set Year Round defaults to Rate and min night (3) - see image Click here - once this is done you will have more flexibility to do future specials etc
  5. Save Changes and do the same for the other room types.

Bulk Update
  1. Go to Yearly deals and then Bulk Update
  2. Using the Update dropdown - select Rates
  3. Tick the 3 night rate plans under Which rate plan
  4. Under Change Method dropdown select - Decrease By 
  5. Then put 10 in the box and chose %
  6. Then highlight the period in the calendar you wish to change - see this image Click Here
  7. Save Changes
Note: You will now need to give these rates to the Channels you are connected with (once setup this way you will have way more flexibility to do these specials in the future)

Now for Your Website - special for the Booking Button form

  1. From the Home Page go to Specials (pink pig icon in Marketing tools)
  2. Click on add new special
  3. First dropdown box choose Percent Discount
  4. Based on Rate package - Select the 3 night plan (you will need to do 1 per room type)
  5. Add a short description
  6. Apply a 5% discount
  7. Valid for Specific Dates - Add dates here
  8. You can choose to exclude certain days of the week and also date periods - see this image Click Here
  9. Save Changes
Repeat for each room type

Make sure you give the new 3 night rate plans to the connected channels. Once this is confirmed go to Distribution --> Pick up the channel in the Website list and click fetch rooms 

You new 3 night rate plan should be on the left hand side ready to map. Select the correct rate plan in the drop down boxes on the Right hand side and save changes. You now have more flexibility for the full 720 days.

I realise this is quite a bit of setup work but once done you will have much more flexibility to be able to do this and more again. Please let me know if you require further assistance.

Kind Regards,
Karina Reid
Tourism Holdings
Tourism Holdings